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You have big ideas, you know you can make them happen, BUT you are stuck doing work you don’t love.

You want to make a change, BUT you just don’t know how to get started.

It's time to take action!

What are you interested in today?

Interview prep

Resume makeover

Power Hour

  • 90 minute session to learn how to impress your interviewer
  • practice for behavioral, situational and skill-based questions
  • reduce anxiety and increase confidence
  • impress with the appropriate body language, behavior and appearance
  • BONUS: email scripts you can use to follow up after the interview and stay top of mind
  • 60 minute online conversation about your work experience and career goals
  • awesome resume design that will win over recruiters & hiring managers
  • modern layout and copy within 5 working days
  • BONUS: customizable cover letter
  • 60 minute chat on a career-related topic of your choice
  • a detailed strategy and plan of attack
  • increased confidence
  • BONUS: email scripts you can use at any part of your job search

Ready to give your career a boost?

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* We are only able to take on a very limited amount of 1-1 clients per month.


  • Feel deeply committed and motivated at work
  • Have a manager who invests in your development
  • Contribute, share ideas and make things happen
  • Have open, honest communication & feedback
  • Have freedom, flexibility and a friendly work culture
  • Get paid what you deserve

And you don’t have to figure it all out on your own!


Let’s go over the types of people this program will work for, so that you see if it’s a fit for you:

You are looking for a new job right now!

You are tired of doing this thing alone and are ready to get support and work with someone who can keep you accountable.

You are employed, but are just not feeling it anymore.

You know there is more - there has to be more. You don’t find your job motivating and are getting close to a burn out.

You don’t know how to position yourself and the job search process scares you.

You are fed up with applying and hearing crickets. You have been applying for jobs, maybe even had a couple of interviews, but always end up not getting the offer.



But ... I've already tried everything

You might think you’ve tried everything, but I’m not buying that. 😄 You have applied for jobs, had a few interviews, ended up not getting your ideal job and then lost motivation and believed that it’s just the way it is. That a life-sucking job is what’s “meant” for you. I’m here to tell you that’s not true! Job search seems like a daunting task. I get it. But having a job you hate for the rest of your life is 100000000 times worse!

Do you want to change careers? Do you want to finally figure out what you are good at? Are you ready for the next step in your career, but don’t know how to get there? You can do it!

And this program is designed to do exactly that: to give you a confidence boost and all the practical tools, including a revamped resume and loads of templates, you need to succeed in your job search.

But ... I never get the job.

Perfect! Even more of a reason to join. Are you ready to get the job THIS TIME?

Most of my clients have been there before. There are a couple of reasons why this happens: the most common ones are that your resume does not reach a recruiter or you don’t do that well in the interview.

If it’s an issue with your resume - it means you are not clearly communicating your brand: who you are, what you have achieved and how you will help the company reach their goals. You might be using the wrong keywords or (even more important) you might not have a clear understanding of your strengths and what you can offer. If it’s an issue with your interview, then it means you either don’t prepare well or prepare for the wrong questions.

In the program, I will help you understand your strengths, craft a resume that highlights your awesomeness, prepare for interviews, position yourself as the perfect candidate and land that job.

But ... I don't have the experience / connections.

Let me tell you: work experience IS NOT the most important thing in your job search. I’ve helped clients who matched 60% of the job requirements land their dream jobs.

What hiring managers care about the most is: Are you passionate about the job? Do you have the skills/ can you easily learn how to do the job?

I’m a firm believer of: Passion, heart and soul > work experience. And one of my biggest goals in the program is to help you identify and overcome any limiting beliefs around career and show you that career happiness is possible for you!

Don’t have connections? That’s an easy fix! 😉 I will show you how to find relevant contacts and give you loads of templates you can use for different situations.

But ... I don't have time and I'm tired.

I hear you. You’ve already spent tons of hours:
- Searching for relevant jobs
- Customizing your resume and cover letter
- Doing company research
- Applying for jobs
- Networking on LinkedIn
- Preparing for interviews
And that doesn’t even include the time you spent waiting for the recruiter to call, complaining to friends about how much you dislike your job and how confused you feel… Job search doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. You just need a clear strategy and easy, step-by-step instructions on what to do and when. And this is exactly what I'm going to teach you in the program.

But ... I can figure it out on my own.

Yes, you can! Believe me, I totally get how you feel and love the “I can figure it out” approach. 😉 This has been me pretty much my whole life and a big part of my journey as a career strategist. I wanted to do everything myself. Why? Because I could!

That was until I realized that I could continue falling in the same traps and making the same small mistakes or trust someone more experienced, who has helped people that have been in my position. Working with my first coach was so eye-opening - it really changed my life!

You have been working too hard for too long. If you are ready to take the next step and don’t want to end up feeling like “I don’t have time and I’m tired”, then this program might be for you. If you don’t decide to join, that’s absolutely okay, as long as it comes from a place of “this is not what I want now, so I choose not to”.


Our 8-week program is designed to give you answers on what career path will fulfil you and an action plan to land your dream job.

It’s for you whether you are looking to get clarity on your career goals, need professional help for your next career move or want to kick-start your career abroad.

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